Available at Luthiers Access Group

5 String Exhibition Grade Maple on Exhibition Grade Maple @ 8.3 lbs

Retail $4,200



5 String Fretless RYBSKI Standard



Retail $3,200




4 String RYBSKI Standard



Retail $2,900

One thought on “Basses For Sale

  1. hi again!
    it was great talking with you today and i am excited about coming to your shop and checking out what you do so well. i am very imprewssed with you, your work, and your website! i can'[t wait to play one and better yet have you build one for me! thanks again for taking the time to talk with me. the one on one experience really made me feel confident that you could get the right custom in my hand with the sound i want. i look forward to meeting you and seeing your work. i am thankful that toby and tom fuss turned me on to your work. thanks again for your time. it is very appreciated!

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