All RYBSKI Instruments are built by the hands of Rybski himself with equal care and quality. The only distinction between a RYBSKI Standard or Custom is the personal involvement of the player in process of building. The possibilities are endless with a RYBSKI Custom, it is truly wide open. The challenges that open ended creativity creates are the driving force behind Rybski’s desire to build the best basses possible.

RYBSKI Standards

RYBSKI Standards are basses that Rybski builds in order to keep up with market demand for popular specs. Standards are built throughout the year and are available both on this site and in stores. Contact us to see Upcoming RYBSKI Standards, which are available for pre-order.

RYBSKI Custom order

• Initial Interview ( via telephone, email, or locally in person ) to discuss sound ideas, visual design, and overall ergonomics ( size, weight, and playability ).

• A preliminary design and estimate will be sent for review along with wood selections.

• Once the overall design and price have been agreed upon a final quote will be sent.

• Building will start upon customer’s approval and payment of 50% deposit.

• Present delivery time (from the date we receive your deposit) is 4 weeks for a custom order.

• The remaining 50% of the balance will be requested upon the completion of the instrument before delivery.

Contact Us with any questions about Rybski products

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